Why Portraits are Important

Being a shy and relatively introverted person, having my photo taken is an uncomfortable experience most of the time. However two things I recently heard and talked about with other people have changed my mind.

Firstly, in this day and age your personal image is very important, and your face is the ultimate expression of your image. Do you really want a snapshot taken at a party to represent you, or be how others view you when they see you online? If you don't go out there and commission the portrait that you want representing who you are, then someone else is going to do it for you, and they don't always have your best interests at heart.

Secondly, until recently I had more physical photographs of my grandfather and grandmother than I did of my son. I still don't have any good printed photographs of myself or my wife (we're working on that!). Computers break, hard-drives fail, and phones get stolen or become obsolete. Digital files cannot be the only version of you that exists. I want to leave a legacy for my son and his family to remember, not some janky old device that you can't even boot anymore.

Get physical photographs of you and your family. Make sure you have a good photographer take your picture, so you can represent yourself faithfully online. Take control of these things and you won't be disappointed!

Pricing & Packages

Swift Studio Session

A book of memories,
gorgeous images for your social media,
and service you will never forget.

$255 / ¥1788

Beauty Portrait Session


We create memories for your wall,
Beautiful books to grace your shelves, and
Social-ready images that are sure to attract positive attention.

Hair and Makeup provided

$379 / ¥2685

Fine Art Studio Sessions

Yes, two sessions, the first one now, the second in 6-8 month's time!

For those who deserve the royal treatment.

Contact me today for more information.

FROM $995 / ¥7090

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